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000-LEN19030-PH2-EC-Cover Sheet 546.3 KB
001-LEN19030-PH2-EC-C1.00-Existing Conditions 2.1 MB
002-LEN19030-PH2-EC-C1.01-Existing Conditions 946.7 KB
003-LEN19030-PH2-EC-C1.02-Existing Conditions 1.0 MB
004-LEN19030-PH2-EC-C1.03-Existing Conditions 959.5 KB
005-LEN19030-PH2-EC-C6.40-Erosion Control Notes 1.2 MB
006-LEN19030-PH2-EC-C6.50-Overall Erosion Control Plan-Phase 2-Stage 1 2.4 MB
007-LEN19030-PH2-EC-C6.51-Erosion Control Plan-Phase 2-Stage 1-Area ''C'' 2.5 MB
007-LEN19030-PH2-EC-C6.52-Erosion Control Plan-Phase 2-Stage 1-Area ''D'' 1.3 MB
007-LEN19030-PH2-EC-C6.53-Erosion Control Plan-Phase 2-Stage 1-Area ''E'' 2.3 MB
007-LEN19030-PH2-EC-C6.54-Erosion Control Plan-Phase 2-Stage 1-Area ''F'' 944.8 KB
008-LEN19030-PH2-EC-C6.55-Erosion Control Plan-Phase 2-Stage 1-Area ''G'' 878.2 KB
009-LEN19030-PH2-EC-C6.56-Erosion Control Plan-Phase 2-Stage 1-Area ''H'' 1.2 MB
010-LEN19030-PH2-EC-C6.57-Erosion Control Plan-Phase 2-Stage 1-Area ''I'' 1.0 MB
011-LEN19030-PH2-EC-C6.60-Overall Erosion Control Plan-Phase 2-Stage 2 2.9 MB
012-LEN19030-PH2-EC-C6.61-Erosion Control Plan-Phase 2-Stage 2-Area ''C'' 3.0 MB
013-LEN19030-PH2-EC-C6.62-Erosion Control Plan-Phase 2-Stage 2-Area ''D'' 1.7 MB
014-LEN19030-PH2-EC-C6.63-Erosion Control Plan-Phase 2-Stage 2-Area ''E'' 2.9 MB
015-LEN19030-PH2-EC-C6.64-Erosion Control Plan-Phase 2-Stage 2-Area ''F'' 1.4 MB
016-LEN19030-PH2-EC-C6.65-Erosion Control Plan-Phase 2-Stage 2-Area ''G'' 1.1 MB
017-LEN19030-PH2-EC-C6.66-Erosion Control Plan-Phase 2-Stage 2-Area ''H'' 1.8 MB
018-LEN19030-PH2-EC-C6.67-Erosion Control Plan-Phase 2-Stage 2-Area ''I'' 1.3 MB
019-LEN19030-PH2-EC-C6.70 Erosion Control Details 1.1 MB
021-LEN19030-PH2-EC-C6.71 Erosion Control Details 1.1 MB
022-LEN19030-PH2-EC-C6.72 Erosion Control Details 1.2 MB
023-LEN19030-PH2-EC-C6.73 Erosion Control Details 1.2 MB
024-LEN19030-C9.A1-Stormwater Control Measure 'A' Plan View 3.7 MB
024-LEN19030-C9.A2-Stormwater Control Measure 'A' Details 1.9 MB
025-LEN19030-C9.A3-Stormwater Control Measure 'A' Details 1.5 MB
026-LEN19030-C9.A4-Stormwater Control Measure 'A' Details 1.6 MB
027-LEN19030-C9.A5-Stormwater Control Measure 'A' Landscape Plan 1.9 MB
028-LEN19030-C9.D1-Stormwater Control Measure 'D' Plan View 3.8 MB
029-LEN19030-C9.D2-Stormwater Control Measure 'D' Details 1.9 MB
030-LEN19030-C9.D3-Stormwater Control Measure 'D' Details 1.5 MB
031-LEN19030-C9.D4-Stormwater Control Measure 'D' Details 1.6 MB
032-LEN19030-C9.D5-Stormwater Control Measure 'D' Landscape Plan 1.9 MB
033-LEN19030-C9.E1-Stormwater Control Measure 'E' Plan View 3.7 MB
034-LEN19030-C9.E2-Stormwater Control Measure 'E' Details 1.9 MB
035-LEN19030-C9.E3-Stormwater Control Measure 'E' Details 1.5 MB
036-LEN19030-C9.E4-Stormwater Control Measure 'E' Details 1.6 MB
037-LEN19030-C9.E5-Stormwater Control Measure 'E' Landscape Plan 1.8 MB
Combined-LEN-19030-Offsite Road Widening Two Party Encroachment Driveway Permit-Flattened 38.3 MB
LEN19030-Combined-2nd Erosion Control Phase 2 Submittal-Reduced 47.9 MB
LEN19030-Combined-2nd Erosion Control Phase 2 Submittal 71.0 MB
_LEN19030-Combined-2nd CD Submittal 128.3 MB